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How to Influence People at Work

At work, there will be times that you will have to cooperate with other people to get the job done. Since brainstorming usually happens before any action is taken, you have to know how to influence the rest of the group so you guys are able to move on from there.

But how do we do that? Well the first thing you have to do is make sure everyone is on the same page with regards to what needs to be done. Although this may make you look bossy, you have every right if you happen to be the project manager.

You donít have to do this forcefully because this is surely not the first time you have worked with this group. Just go with the flow and try to please everyone so everything will go smoothly until the job is done. The best way to do is to keep the lines of communication open and giving their suggestions some thought before dismissing it completely.

Another great suggestion will be to delegate certain tasks because this will make the other members in the group also feel important. This also sends a powerful message that you believe in their ability and once they get accustomed to this, you boost their confidence and competence.

Your basis in given them an assignment should be based on their experience but if you want to them to try something new, make sure you are ready to help if they encounter a problem. Just be sure to check up on them is to ask for a report at certain stages of the project.

If some people should go off track, remind them that you guys have a deadline and that there are people waiting for what you will be able to come up with. Make sure you say this politely so you donít sound arrogant or superior even if you happen to be the most senior member in the group.

When everyone is tired after working on the project for hours, tell the group to take a break because you guys need to recharge your batteries.

When the project is over, donít forget to thank everyone for their help and give credit where it is due. The last thing that your group wants to hear is your boss praising only you for a job well done when the other members contributed their share to make it work. That is another way to have a good relationship with them and ensure that you wonít have any problems working with them in future projects.

Keeping the group together, delegating tasks and saying what you want done properly is the proper way of influencing your colleagues at work. If you have never been a project manager before, donít worry because this takes a bit of practice and time to gain their respect especially if you were always the one being told what to do for a project.

But if you are given the opportunity, make the most of it because this is the best time to show the bosses who you really are. As long as you maintain your composure and continue to be honest and trustworthy, there is no doubt that you will have influenced these people in some way and will continue to have a good working relationship with them.


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