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Does Music Influence Learning in Children?

In general, how does music influence learning? Experts have researched on this and have provided enriching information. One observes that music can hone creativity. Another believes that through the study of music one can examine higher creative and learning functions. Another has it that musical intelligence is one of the seven basic intelligences.

Music has the ability to help people learn more effectively. It can create a considerable contribution to all of education because these people benefit by enhancing key developmental goals such as self-esteem and creativity. Research has it that music can influence learning in core subjects as well as contribute to the attainment of core goals in learning.

What is interesting to know more about is the effect of music on the learning of children. It is noticeable that small children have that fascination towards music which can be manifested when they hum, have the urge to move to music, become joyful when hearing mother’s lullaby, or become excited when their favorite song is being played. If children are encouraged to learn a musical instrument, their rational, emotional, and motor modalities are being stimulated.

With regard to speech development, the fetus is capable of listening to the voices of the parents. It can already hear and even recognize music. Prenatal psychology reports that music has a remarkable influence on the development of the fetus. After birth, babies imitate the sounds they hear that usually by the age of five, their vocabulary has widened.

In each developmental phase such as in preschool learning, a child develops certain abilities especially well such as movement, vision, music, speech, or emotions. To develop musically, these children need the proper stimulation at the appropriate time.

It has been researched that classical music strengthens parts of the brain that are necessary for logical thinking. When one listens to music and makes music, there are changes that are observed in certain parts of the brain. Playing a musical instrument is a complex activity because it involves the use of the intellect as one tries to comprehend, the motor skills as one performs, the emotions as one initiates, as well as the senses.

Research has it that children who play violin or guitar at a young age demonstrate notable changes in brain activity. Active music making stimulates motor skills. Furthermore, music making promotes social competence. It provides motor, intellectual and emotional behavioral skills that encourage general sociability.

Parents of children who are learning to play musical instruments have noticed that their children have learned to concentrate better and longer. They also observed that they have improved their memory skills and that they have learned to approach something new in a systematic way. These parents have recognized that making music helped in developing the positive character traits of their children. They have become more disciplined through daily practice.

So, does music influence learning in children? Certainly. Through music and active participation, children can achieve better balance between school and sports. It can also be an outlet for the children’s anxiety and aggression so that they can better channel and express their emotions. Being influenced by music, children learn to develop an understanding and respect for art as well as appreciation for beauty.

They get to be inquisitive and expand their knowledge in the different types of music.


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