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The Power of Influence

It is not a surprise to hear about people having their edge over others, especially with success spelled over their foreheads – this is the power of influence.

It may be blunt to say that there are people more gifted and successful than others, but this is not about being mean or cruel, it is how the power of influence affects the lives of people and how it helps maintain the balance of human nature.

There are several forms of human influence, but not matter what type it is, it will definitely set the tone for not only building character, but also differentiates the men from the boys.

Influence is the key factor in shaping how man is able to stand taller than the rest, it is the authority that takes the role of leadership in an organization or simply the voice that molds the opinion of others.

But generally, influence is what binds organizations, strengthens relationships, the defining thought in a somewhat difficult thought process.

Influence takes in many different forms and most commonly found in leadership, socialization, persuasion, advertising, sales, marketing and peer pressure, for which it is most commonly seen.

Influence is commonly defined as power or authority.

Common beliefs point to influence as a trait among those possessing advanced knowledge, sizable wealth, a better career path, more physically attractive, more assertive and with a much stronger character among others.

Influence can lead to persuasion which can sway other people to follow his line of thought or the idea he sells.

Aside from the physical ‘possessions’ of those who wield influence over others, there are also common human traits that these people are more blessed with, like a high self –esteem, confidence, optimism and intellect, among many others.

For those people with social influence, on the other hand, it is imbued in people considered as experts in their respective fields of endeavor, for whom many people look up to – that is their sphere of influence.

These experts render credibility and repute with their fields of endeavor, encompassing their influence over their fields of specialization.

Influence is not limited to an individual though, it is also manifested in areas like industries and businesses where it’s sphere of influence can be seen over a territory where they may have cornered the market, besting other competitors in the area.

It can also be manifested in the number of people employed in a certain business, which raises the sense of moral ascendancy of the establishment directly over their employees and their families, being their main source of income and livelihood.

The field of politics and governance also have it’s own sphere of influence, since politicians and government leaders maintain their influence over the people for their leadership capabilities and governing capacities.

Their sphere of influence is over their constituents, who have placed them in a position of power based on their intellect, leadership traits and governing potential, for which their constituents rest their confidence to lead and govern over them.

Police and military forces, on the other hand, are another form of influential forces, for which their sphere of influence is over the people and establishments within their jurisdiction, for which they are tasked to maintain peace and order.

So by now you know how influence helps to balance the forces and characteristics of human nature, especially since it defines how strengths make up for the weaknesses – that is the power of influence.


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